Enabling a Private Metrics Reporting Server that is Automatically Installed with the CommServe Package

If you want to use the Private Metrics Reporting Server after it was automatically installed with the CommServe package, you must configure the download and upload URLs for the the Private Metrics Reporting Server on the local CommServe server, and any other CommServe server where you want to collect data for Metrics Reports.

You must configure the Private Metrics Reporting Server so that you can use the Dashboards on the Web Console and all of the Metrics Reports.


  1. Activate Private Metrics Reporting on the CommCell Console.
  2. Upload the report data now.

    The reports display no data immediately after you activate data collection. You must wait up to one hour for data to be collected from the CommServe computer and then uploaded to your Private Metrics Reporting Server.

Last modified: 1/9/2019 9:42:39 PM