Upgrading Microsoft SQL Server Express to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition

Applies to: CommServe computer running Microsoft SQL Server Express

By default, the Microsoft SQL Server Express software is installed during the installation of some Commvault software, for example, the Edge solution.

If you want to use a newer version of the SQL Server software, you can upgrade the software to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure that you have the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition software on the CommServe computer.
  • Perform a disaster recovery backup of your CommServe database. See Performing a Disaster Recovery Backup for more information.


  1. Stop all services in the CommServe.

    See Stopping Services for more information.

  2. From the command prompt, detach the CommServe database:
    1. To execute SQL commands, type the following command:

      osql -S <machinename>\<instancename> –E

      Replace machinename with the name of the CommServe computer and instancename with the SQL instance name, for example, Commvault.

    2. To detached the database, type the following command:

      exec sp_detach_db 'CommServ', true

    3. To confirm that the Commserv database is not listed in the list of available databases, type the following command:

      select name from sysdatabases

  3. Copy the CommServe database folder to a safe location.

    If the software was installed in the default location, the database folder may reside in the following location: Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQLCommvault\Data\Commserve

  4. Uninstall the Microsoft SQL Server Express software. For instructions, refer to the Microsoft documentation.
  5. Install the Standard Edition of the Microsoft SQL Server.

    For instructions, see Pre-Installing the Microsoft SQL Server Software on a Non-Cluster Environment.

  6. Use the SQL Server Management Studio to detach the CommServe database:
    1. Go to computer_name\Commvault > Databases > CommServ.
    2. Right-click CommServ, click Tasks and then click Detach Database.
  7. If necessary, copy the database folder back to a convenient location.
  8. Use the SQL Server Management Studio to attach the CommServe database that you copied:
    1. Go to computer_name\Commvault > Databases.
    2. Right-click Databases, and click Attach.
    3. Choose the .mdf file from the CommServe database you saved.
  9. Start all services in the CommServe.

    See Starting Services for more information.

Last modified: 3/27/2019 9:39:06 PM