Cloning a Schedule Policy

Clone a schedule policy to create an exact duplicate of an existing policy. After the clone is created, you can edit the properties of the policy.


  • By default the cloned schedule policy is enabled.
  • You must configure new alerts after cloning a schedule policy. The associated alerts are not replicated during the cloning process.

Use the steps given below to clone a data protection schedule policy. You can use similar steps to clone schedule policies.

  1. From the CommCell Browser, go to Policies > Schedule Policies.
  2. From the Schedule Policies pane on the right, right-click the schedule_policy and click Clone.
  3. Type a name for the clone in the Name box.
  4. Type an appropriate description in the Description box.
  5. Click the Associations tab.
  6. Select the client computer or client groups you want to associate with the schedule policy.
  7. Click OK.

Last modified: 3/5/2018 10:43:42 PM