Data Loss Prevention for End Users

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is a laptop security solution that can be seamlessly integrated into your operating system with the Explorer Plug-in for Windows laptops. With DLP, you can secure files on your device and prevent unauthorized access to your important data. If your laptop is ever lost or stolen, you can use DLP to securing access to data on your laptop or remotely erase data on your laptop from the Web Console.

How Data Loss Prevention Works

After your system administrator enables DLP for your CommCell group, you can create a DLP passkey. Your DLP passkey is used to authorize access to files and folders on your laptop that are locked using DLP. When a file is locked, the contents of the file can only be read by an authorized user. Your administrator can configure DLP to function in one of the following ways:

  • Allow authorized users to open locked files automatically.
  • Require an authorized user's passkey to be entered whenever any user attempts to open a locked file.

If your laptop is ever lost or stolen, you can report the missing laptop from your Web Console account. To prevent unauthorized access to your data when a laptop is reported missing, an authorized user passkey is always required to open any locked file, regardless of your administrator's settings. You can also erase data on your missing laptop from the Web Console to provide additional security against unauthorized access to your most sensitive data.

To start using DLP, see Enable Data Loss Prevention.

Last modified: 6/27/2019 6:40:59 PM