System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for File Systems Overview

The System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for File Systems can help you to determine the contents and structure of your organization's server and anticipate your needs for saving storage space. The tool runs a data discovery job on your computer system. The collected data is used to create reports regarding the server capacity, memory, and file-level statistics, such as number and type of files for archive prediction.

How It Works

Request a temporary account for Cloud Services from your Account Representative, and then log in to download the System Discovery and Archive Analyzer Tool. The tool runs a discovery job that analyzes the file structure and data on your computer system and creates a ZIP file that contains the results of the operation. The data that is discovered on the system includes information about the following:

  • Operating systems
  • Software applications
  • The amount of used and free space on the server
  • The total amount of memory on each computer in the system

In addition, you can set the System Discovery and Archive Analyzer for File Systems to find specific machines and file level details such as file sizes, file types based on extensions, and file ages. After the job is complete, you must upload the ZIP file to Cloud Services. Next, the contents of the ZIP file are analyzed and used to generate reports. Finally, your Account Representative will send you an e-mail with these reports attached.

Last modified: 7/29/2019 7:48:58 PM