Reports Overview

You can access reports in your Web Console, on our Cloud Services site, and in the CommCell Console. A variety of reports are automatically included with your Web Console and CommCell Console installations.

Use the following information to determine which reporting methods your organization needs.

Key Features

  • Commvault Store

    Get started quickly by downloading a variety of available reports from our online store.

  • Customizable

    Modify existing reports or write new ones to fit your organization's specific needs.

  • Cloud and Web-based

    Access reports on your Web Console or on our Cloud Services Website using the latest version of any Web browser.

  • Focused on Critical Information

    We highlight data that indicates errors and failures so that you can react quickly to solve problems.

  • Sharing

    Share the necessary reports with other users based on their security roles.

  • External Databases

    Link to external databases to create reports based on your organization's data.

  • Convenient

    View the Worldwide or CommCell Dashboard for a concise overview of your environment.

Reports on the Command Center, the Web Console, and the Cloud Services Portal

Many reports are available by default with the Commvault installation and you can view them on the Command Center and the Web Console. In addition, many of those same reports are available on the Cloud Services Portal.

Metrics Reports

Metrics Reports allow you to monitor one or more CommCell computers from a single location. To set up Metrics Reports, see the process page, Getting Started with Metrics Reports.

CommCell Console Reports

Many reports are available in your CommCell Console with no additional configuration required. For more information about these reports, see CommCell Console Reports.

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