Virtualize Me for Linux - Overview


Virtualize Me converts any physical computer into a virtual machine. You can also create a clone of a virtual machine using this feature. A clone is a virtual replica of a computer. Virtualize Me offers the following key capabilities:

Key Features

Quick Conversion

Convert any Linux computer into a virtual machine quickly and reliably. 

Disaster Recovery

Use the backup that is available on the media to create a virtual machine when the physical computer is unavailable because of a hardware or network failure.

Point-In-Time Backup

Use a backup that was performed at any point in time to create the virtual machine.

Support for Block-Level Backups

Perform a recovery operation from block-level backups. Restores from block-level backups are faster. In addition, data integrity is ensured because block-level backups take a snapshot of the entire volume.

Customize the Client Configuration

Customize the client configuration, such as disk configuration, network configuration, or disk provisioning before you create the virtual machine.

Migration Testing

Test migration results quickly.

Last modified: 1/12/2018 12:37:59 PM