Copy Content from Backups for Data Retention

You can restore selected objects from backed-up data, and then save a copy of them that is separate from the backup that they were taken from. This copy, also known as a reference copy, helps you do the following:

  • Organize data by keeping together related information from multiple sources.
  • Retain selected data until a different date (commonly later) than the original storage policy keeps it.

For example, a reference copy may be produced to meet a "legal hold" requirement for litigation, an audit, or an investigation. Legal holds require collecting data associated with a case and preserving it for the duration of litigation. The data must be accessible and searchable.

Commvault reference copy supports the following tasks:

  • Identifying and collecting data associated with individuals.
  • Filtering and grouping the data based on relevance.
  • Browsing, searching and restoring data.
  • Preserving the data as long as required.

Reference copy maintains data integrity, so it can be viewed in the same format as the source data it was taken from, using the same tools.

How to Set Up and Use a Reference Copy

  1. Create a reference copy client in the CommCell Console.
  2. Within these reference copy clients, create subclients for each legal hold as follows:
    • Define the content using filters. Several filtering options are provided, including the ability to filter data between specific dates, by file types, and by a keyword.
    • Identify the source clients from which data should be collected.
    • Specify the retention and storage policy for the data.
  3. Schedule regular backups of these subclients in order to make a copy of the data in the reference copy.
  4. Periodically run a synthetic full job to prune the data.

You can now easily browse, find, or restore data from the relevant reference copy subclient.


Last modified: 9/25/2019 9:19:49 PM