V11 Service Pack 12

Exchange Mailbox Agent User Mailbox Exchange Online (Through Azure Active Directory) Environment

Before you install the Exchange package, perform the prerequisite tasks. After you install the Exchange package, and add and configure the agent, perform the configuration tasks.



Considerations for Office 365 with Exchange

Consider the following points when you configure your Office 365 with Exchange environment.

Commvault Features That Are Not Supported by Office 365 with Exchange

The following Commvault features are not supported in Office 365 with Exchange environments:

  • Dynamic groups (dynamic security groups and dynamic distribution groups)
  • Archiving policy features:
    • Exclude message types filters
    • Stub movement tracking, Exchange restrictions, and additional message metadata that are defined on the Advanced tab
  • Cleanup policy features:
    • Cleanup operations for the Archive mailbox
    • Exchange quota rules that are defined on the Quota tab
    • Exclude message types filters

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