V11 Service Pack 12

Registering a User - Web Console

Creating a User Account

If you are not a CommCell user or if you belong to an external domain not configured in the CommCell, you can request access to the Web Console by creating a new user account.  When the account is approved by the administrator, you will be added as user to the CommCell and gain access to both the Web Console and CommCell Console.

Use the following steps to send the request for a new user account:

  1. From the Login page of the Web Console, click Register.
  2. Enter the user account details in the required fields.

  3. Click Register.


    You will receive an email confirmation for the new account request.

    After the account is approved by the Administrator, you will receive another email indicating that your account has been activated.

    You can now log on to the Web Console and take advantage of its features.


Last modified: 1/12/2018 9:42:58 PM