V11 Service Pack 12

Index Store and Index Server Overview

The Index Store package and the Index Server entity are used by several different Commvault products and features to enable various indexing, search, and analytics functions to your CommCell environment.

Index Store Package

The Index Store package is the software that you must install on a client in your CommCell environment. The Index Store client performs the indexing operations and stores the data for search and analytics operations.

For more information, see Index Store Overview.

Index Server

The Index Server is a logical CommCell entity that you can configure to support indexing, search, and analytics functions for different Commvault product and features. When you configure an Index Server, you must add an Index Store client as a node on the Index Server to perform the related operations and store the data. You also configure Index Server roles to support different products and features using the Index Server CommCell entity.

For more information, see Index Server Overview.

Last modified: 1/9/2018 7:18:02 PM