V11 Service Pack 12

NAS System Discovery Report - Overview

With the NAS System Discovery report, you can view detailed storage information about the supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices in your CommCell environment from the Web Console.

The NAS System Discovery report provides the following information:

  • At a glance view of the arrays, storage pools, volumes, and LUNs across your CommCell environment
  • Detailed storage space information–such as total storage space, free storage space, and used storage space– on NAS arrays
  • Paths to the volumes and LUNs in your CommCell environment.

How NAS System Discovery Works

The NAS System Discovery run from a built-in workflow that uses an Index Server to gather metadata from supported NAS devices that are configured in Array Management. The Index Server is a logical CommCell entity that uses Index Store clients to perform indexing, search, and analytical operations. After the workflow has gathered all of the information in the Index Server, you can view the NAS System Discovery report from the Web Console.

To get started, see NAS System Discovery - Getting Started.

Last modified: 1/9/2018 7:22:36 PM