Configuring Cascading Network Gateway Connections Using Advanced Network Settings

You can configure cascading network gateway connections using advance network settings.

The network gateways are configured between CommCell entities, such as the CommServe computer and client displayed in the following diagram:

Use this procedure to configure incoming and outgoing connections on the four CommCell entities that are shown in the diagram: CommServe computer, Network gateway 1, Network gateway 2, and Client.

Note: Although the diagram and procedure describe a CommServe computer and a client, the two CommCell entities can be any combination of CommServe computer, MediaAgent, and client.

Before You Begin

The Commvault network gateway computers must be configured.


Step 1: Configure the CommServe host

Step 2: Configure Network gateway 1

Step 3: Configure Network gateway 2

Step 4: Configure the client

Step 5: Push the network configurations

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