Domain Name System (DNS) Environment

A Domain Name System (DNS) environment provides a centralized means of resolving computer names into their corresponding IP addresses. Refer to your operating system documentation for information on how to establish and manage your DNS.

Multi-Homed CommCell Computers

A multi-homed computer is one that has two or more network interface cards (NIC). To ensure correct name and IP address resolution for a multi-homed CommCell computer, each NIC in it requires its own unique name in the DNS.

For example, assume a CommCell computer named amber, has fully qualified host names of amber1.company.com and amber2.company.com. This computer has two NICs that are assigned the following two IP addresses:


To ensure that both interfaces can be resolved, you can define the following unique names in your DNS:

  • amber1.company.com
  • amber2.company.com

Note: If a computer name resolves to multiple IP addresses, the software uses the first IP address that it resolves. However, if that first IP address becomes unreachable, the software will not be able to reach the computer using the other IP addresses in the list. In such a scenario, you should create a hosts file that includes all of the computer's reachable IP addresses.

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