Drive Pool Properties

Use this dialog box to view the master drive pool properties and change the name of the master drive pool.

Drive Pool Name

The name of the drive pool. If you wish to rename the drive pool, type the new name in this field.

Unique ID

A unique identifier assigned by the MediaAgent within the CommCell for the drive pool.

Library Name

The name of the library to which the drive pool is attached.


The name of the MediaAgent that controls the drive pool.

Drive Count

The number of drives in the drive pool.

NDMP Server Host Name

If the drive pool contains drives which are attached to a NAS filer, the fully qualified name of the filer is displayed.

Update NDMP Host List

Click to open the NDMP Server List dialog box which allows you to add or edit existing hosts to the NDMP server hostname list.

Last modified: 2/26/2019 7:36:12 PM