Creating and Configuring an ObjectStore Client

In order to give users access to the ObjectStore, you must create and configure an ObjectStore client in the CommCell Console. An ObjectStore client is the CommCell entity used to manage the ObjectStore data for a set of CommCell users.

About This Task

Each ObjectStore client must be associated to one or more CommCell users, as well as a storage policy. The settings of the storage policy that you associate to an ObjectStore client will determine the storage library used for ObjectStore data and the retention settings of the ObjectStore data.

If you require ObjectStore clients with different retention settings for different users, you can create and configure additional ObjectStore clients.

Before You Begin

  • If you have not yet done so, review the instructions in Configuring an ObjectStore.
  • Create a CommCell user from the CommCell Console. The user will be assigned to the ObjectStore client to create and manage the data in the ObjectStore.

    Note: The CommCell user acts as a service account by which any application can interact with the ObjectStore, using REST APIs.

  • To allow assigning an Active Directory user as the system user for the ObjectStore, see Enabling Active Directory Users in ObjectStore.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, right-click Client Computers, point to New Client > File System, and then click ObjectStore.

    The New ObjectStore Client dialog box appears.

  2. On the General tab, in the Client Name box, type the ObjectStore client name.
  3. In the Object Store Type list, click General.
  4. On the Associate Users tab, in the Available Users box, select the CommCell user you created, and then click the right arrow > button.

    The user is added to the Selected Users list and automatically inherits the permissions to create and manage the ObjectStore client.

    Note: Verify that you assign only one user to the ObjectStore client. Also, make sure that you do not remove the user from the CommCell, as you may lose the data in the ObjectStore.

  5. On the Storage Device tab, in the Storage Policy list, select a storage policy.

    To maximize storage efficiency, use an existing storage policy when possible. For example, if you have a storage policy defined for your laptop clients, use the same laptop client storage policy with your ObjectStore clients. See Storage Policy - Getting Started.

  6. In the Index Server list, select the Index Server configured for the ObjectStore.
  7. Click OK. You can view the client creation progress on the status bar of the CommCell Console.


The associated users can start accessing the ObjectStore from their local applications using web APIs. See ObjectStore API Reference.

What To Do Next

If you configured a staging folder to upload large number of medical data to the ObjectStore, create an incremental data protection schedule policy to back up the data in the staging folder. For instructions, see Creating Data Protection Schedule Policies.

Last modified: 10/3/2018 3:27:50 PM