Getting Started with Data Analytics

With Data Analytics, you can collect and view various types of information about the files and emails residing on the clients in your CommCell environment.

Step 1: Install Packages

You must have the following software installed in your CommCell environment:

  • Web Console and Web Server

    To view the Data Analytics reports, you must have a Web Console and Web Server deployed in your CommCell environment.

    Note: The operating system locale of the Web Server must be set to English (United States). If you change the system locale, you must restart the Web Servercomputer. If the Web Server is set to any other locale, the Data Analytics reports will not display in the Web Console.

    For more information, see Web Console Overview.

  • Index Store

    The Index Store is a software package that performs indexing, search, and analytical operations. You must have at least one client in your CommCell environment with Index Store installed.

    Note: Verify that the client with Index Store installed meets the minimum requirements for Data Analytics. For information, see Data Analytics: Hardware Specifications.

    For information about installing the Index Store package, see Installing the Index Store Package.

Step 2: Configure an Index Server for Data Analytics

Perform one of the following tasks:

  • If you already have an Index Server configured in your CommCell environment, you can add the Data Analytics and Exchange Index roles to support Data Analytics

    For information about configuring additional roles on an Index Server, see Changing Roles Configured on an Index Server.

  • If you do not have an Index Server configured in your CommCell Environment, add the Index Server entity in your CommCell Console and add the Data Analytics and Exchange Index roles to the Index Server.

    For more information about adding and configuring a new Index Server, see Adding an Index Server Entity to Your CommCell Environment.

Note: Prior to Service Pack 9, the Index Server entity was called Analytics Engine. If you had an Analytics Engine configured in your CommCell Console and upgraded to Service Pack 9 or greater, then the Analytics Engine clients will automatically be upgraded to Index Servers and appear in the Index Servers node in the CommCell Console. For more information, see Considerations When Upgrading the Analytics Engine to Index Store.

Step 3: Configure Users to Run Analytics Jobs and View Reports

Before you can run Analytics jobs or view reports from the Web Console, you must configure users to run Analytics jobs and view Data Analytics reports as follows:

Step 4: Run Analytics on Clients or Client Groups in Your CommCell Environment

From the CommCell Console, run an analytics job on a client or client group to collect information for the Data Analytics reports. See one of the following topics::

Note: Running Analytics from a storage policy is not longer supported.

Step 5: View Data Analytics Reports in the Web Console

After the analytics job is complete, you can view the File and Email Analytics reports from the Analytics Dashboard in the Web Console.

For more information about viewing the Data Analytics reports, see the following topics:

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