Configuring Hitachi Vantara HDvM on the Array Software

For the VMware agent, the following applies:

  • The Virtual Server client computer must be a physical server.
  • Verify that all Hitachi Vantara pre-requisites are installed and configured on the Virtual Server iDataAgent client computer.
  • Expose Hitachi Vantara LUNs to the Virtual Server iDataAgent client and to the ESX server.
  • The Virtual Machine HotAdd feature is not supported.


On the array console, complete the following tasks:

  1. Before performing IntelliSnap  operations, create and configure enough virtual volumes (V-VOLs) for copy-on-write (COW) snapshots and enough destination ShadowImage volume (S-VOL) devices to meet your retention requirements.

    When you map a device or add a drive letter, perform a host refresh on the Device Manager Server to make sure that the device or drive is accessible.

  2. The hostname of the proxy computer and of the client computer must be accessible on the Device Manager Server.
  3. Configure Command Devices for each host that is connected to the Hitachi Vantara array.
  4. For COW operations on VSP, USP, USP-V, and AMS 2000 series, create the following:
    • COW pools
    • V-VOL devices that match the exact block size of the production volume (P-VOL) devices
  5. For SI operations on VSP, USP, USP-V and AMS 200 Series, create S-VOL devices that match the exact block size of the P-VOL devices.

    Do not map the S-VOL devices that you create.

  6. For the HUS series, select the same Provisioning Attribute for the source and target devices.  For example, if the source device is in Full Capacity Mode then label the target device as Full Capacity Mode.

Last modified: 2/8/2019 3:34:55 PM