Greenplum Restores

Restore Destinations

The destination where you restore your data is determined by your restore objective. You perform and in-place or an out-of-place restore.

In-place restore

When you perform an in-place restore, you restore the database to the same master host that you used for the backup.

Out-of-place restore

When you perform an out-of-place restore, you can restore it to any one of the following destinations:

  • A different master host from which the database was backed up and that has the same number of segments as the backup host

Performing Restores

You can perform restores immediately or schedule them through the CommCell Console.

The Commvault creates and runs the restore, by using one of the following commands with the configured subclient options.

  • The gpdbrestore command - The software uses this command for in-place restores and out-of-place restores to a Greenplum Database system that has the same number of segments as the backup host.

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