Greenplum Backups

The following backup types are available for Greenplum Database systems:

What Is Backed Up

The Commvault software backs up the following data for a Greenplum user database.

Master Host

  • The Data Definition Language (DDL) statements
  • The system catalog tables
  • The metadata files

Segment Hosts

  • The Greenplum database data

What Is Not Backed Up

  • The Greenplum system databases
  • The Greenplum application data

    You can use the UNIX File System Agent to back up this data

Segment Redundancy

On the segment hosts, the Commvault software backs up the data that is on the primary instance.

If a Greenplum segment failover occurs or if the segment becomes unavailable, that segment backup fails in in the middle of the backup. The job goes to a pending state and the next attempt uses the mirror segment for the backup. You must install the File System Agent on all the primary segment and mirror segment hosts.

If the entire incremental job fails, the next incremental backup is converted to a full backup.

Performing Backups

You can perform backups immediately or schedule them through the CommCell Console. The Commvault creates and runs the backup, by using the gpcrondump command with the configured subclient options.

The Commvault software performs the backup at the same time on the master and segment hosts.

The Greenplum database data is located on multiple segments. The Greenplum software determines and controls the number of streams to use for the backup by looking at the number of segments in the database.

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