Supported Commvault Features - Salesforce

The following table lists the Commvault features that are supported for Salesforce.





Advanced Backup/Archive Options

Job Retry tab



Media tab - Start New Media



Startup tab



Vault Tracking tab


Alerts and Monitoring

Global Alerts



Job-Based Alerts


Backup/Archive Options

Full Backup



Incremental Backup



Browse the Latest Data



Specify Browse Time


Data Aging

Basic Retention Rules



Deleting a Job



Extended Retention Rules



Retaining a Job


Data Masking

Data-masking Policies


Data Compression

Client Compression



MediaAgent Compression


Data Encryption

Data Encryption



MediaAgent-Side Deduplication



Source-Side Deduplication


Job Restart - Data Protection

Restarts from the Beginning


Job Restart - Data Recovery

Restarts from the Beginning


List Media

List Media Associated with a Specific Backup Set or Instance


Pre/Post Processes

Pre/Post Process with Data Protection and Recovery


Restore/Recover/Retrieve Destinations

In-place Restore - Same path/ destination - Same Client



Out-of-place Restore - Different path/ destination



Out-of-place Restore - Same path/ destination - Different Client



Point-in-Time Restore


Restore/Recover/Retrieve Overwrite Options

Overwrite Files



Overwrite if file in backup is newer



Restore only if target exists



Unconditional Overwrite



Unconditionally overwrite only if target is a DataArchiver stub


Schedule Policy

Agent Specific Data Protection Schedule Policy



All Agent Types Schedule Policy


Storage Policies

Standard Storage Policies



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