Commvault Configuration for Salesforce

After you install the Cloud Apps package on a physical client, configure the following components.

  • Pseudo-client
  • Instances
  • Backup Sets

Pseudo-Client Configuration

A pseudo-client is the interface that protects your Salesforce data.

For more information, see Creating a Salesforce Pseudo-Client.

Instance Configuration

An instance is a logical entity used to manage backup and restore operations for Salesforce data.

Create a Salesforce instance for each Salesforce organization.

The Commvault software creates the first instance when you add a pseudo-client on the CommCell Console.

For more information, see Creating a Salesforce Instance.

Backup Set Configuration

To ensure that all data is protected, create a backup set for one Salesforce admin user.

For more information about how to create a Salesforce backup set, see Creating Salesforce Backup Sets.

If you created an instance that did not use the option to back up the data to a database and you now want to back up to a database, modify the backup set and configure the option.

For more information, see Modifying Salesforce Backup Sets to Sync to a Database.

Subclient Configuration

If you want to back up the Salesforce metadata, then you must include the metadata in the subclient content.  For more information, see Backing Up Salesforce Metadata.

Last modified: 7/15/2019 6:29:09 PM