Command Line Interface - Backup

Use XML to back up Sybase databases.

You can include the XML parameters in the xml file, or you can specify them on the command line when they frequently change. For more information on command line parameters and XML elements, see Command Line - Syntax.

Before You Begin

  • Optional: Limit the number of database data and log backup jobs that can simultaneously run on a client. See Throttling Backup Jobs.


  1. Run the qlogin command to log on to the CommServe computer.
  2. Download the backup_template.xml file to the computer where you will run the command.
  3. Open the backup_template.xml file, add your specific parameters, and save the file.

    For information on supported  XML parameters, see Available XML Parameters for Sybase Backups and Restores.

  4. On the command line, go to Software_Installation_Directory/Base and type the command.

    qoperation execute -af backup_template.xml -appName 'Sybase Database' -clientName xxxxx -instanceName xxxxx -subclientName xxxxx -backupLevel FULL

  5. Verify the status of the job. On the command line type the command:

    qlist job –j <job_id>

  6. Once the job completes, run the qlogout command to log off of the CommServe computer.


Performing a Full Backup

Performing an Incremental Backup

Performing a Cumulative Incremental Backup

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