Configuring the Informix Primary Coserver (Primary Node)

If the Informix Data Agent is installed on one coserver (primary node), you must configure the storage manager on this primary node. Once you configure the  storage manager, the system will automatically start a single onbar-worker process and perform backups and restores for all coservers from this primary node.  While configuring the storage manager, if you exclude BAR_WORKER_MAX parameter, you must manually start the start_worker.sh file.


  1. From the command line, go to the $INFORMIXDIR/etc folder.
  2. Open the ONCONFIG file set the global parameters for Log Backup.
    • To have the software perform a backup operation when the log file fills, set the parameter value to CONT
    • To have a user perform a backup operation, set the parameter to CONT
    • To reuse the logs when they fill, set the parameter value to NONE

      Warning: We recommend that you do not set the value to NONE, because the R_PROGRESS_FREQ value will be lost if you restore the IBM Informix-XPS server.

  3. Open the start_worker.sh file, and add the following parameters before the line that starts with $INFORMIXDIR/bin/onbar_w. Then, save the file.




    The name of the client defined in the CommCell Console.


    The name of the Commvault installed instance.


    One of the coservers that runs the Informix database instance. The Commvault software associates all jobs with this client.

    export CvInstanceName CvClientName CvPrimaryClientName

  4. Set the following parameters on primary coserver to configure a Single Storage manager in a multi coserver environment:

    # Storage Manager for Coserver1 (ex:dbserver01)

    BAR_SM <id>
    BAR_SM_NAME <name>
    BAR_BSALIB_PATH /Informix_HOME/lib/ibsad001.so

  5. When the CommCell Console authenticates third party scripts, run the qlogin command with the token file option (-f) to obtain a token file.  Configure and then export the CvQcmdTokenFile parameter with the token file that the qlogin command generates.


    export CvQcmdTokenFile=/tmp/ccUserToken

Last modified: 3/1/2018 7:57:41 PM