Frequently Asked Questions - Offline Database Restore

Can I perform Offline Mining for ADAM and AD LDS databases?

You can perform the offline mining for a ADAM or AD LDS database using the replication method or IntelliSnap method. Before performing the offline mining, perform the following:

  • Run the adLdapTool.exe utility on the source computer separately for each ADAM/LDS instance.
  • Each ADAM/LDS instance must include the domain administrator account as a local instance administrator.

    If the ADAM/LDS Administrator credentials are different than the domain administrator credentials, then each ADAM/LDS instance must be configured to include the domain administrator account as an administrator for the instance. This account must then be added to the ADAM/LDS database.

Objects and attributes can only be restored to an ADAM database if the original partition from which they were backed up exists. Data from partitions that have been deleted cannot be restored.

Parent and child domains, as well as other domains within the same forest, share schema and configuration partitions. However, within a forest there is only one domain controller that serves as the schema/configuration owner. Only this owner can make changes or write to a schema or configuration partition. Thus, to restore any objects in schema or configuration partitions, the restore must be conducted by the domain controller serving as the schema or configuration partition owner.

What is the default location of the directory server databases?

By default, the directory server databases are always located in the following location on the source computer:

Active Directory Server Database:


ADAM/LDS Directory Server Database:

<drive_letter>:\Program Files\Microsoft ADAM\<instance_name>\DATA\adamntds.dit

How much time is required to mount the database on the destination computer for offline mining?

The following table specifies the required mount time based on the size of the database and available memory on the destination computer:

Database Size

Available Memory on the Destination Computer

Estimated Database Mount Time

3.5 GB


Approximately 4 minutes

7 GB

2 GB

Approximately 8 minutes

15 GB

4 GB

Approximately 16 minutes

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