Cross CommCell Restore

Cross CommCell Restore enables you to restore data from a client computer that belongs to one CommCell to a client computer of another CommCell. To enable restores, the remote client must be registered in the current CommCell where you want to perform restore operations.

Cross CommCell Restore enables you to temporarily move data to a remote client computer that belongs to another CommCell. It is useful when you want to:

  • Restore data to a client computer that is located in a remote location
  • Restore data to a remote client computer during maintenance

How Cross CommCell Restore Works

  • A remote client is registered on the current CommCell where you want to run restore operations.
  • After successful registration, the remote client is temporarily moved to the current CommCell. The metadata associated with the remote client remains with the CommCell that it belongs to. You will only be able to perform restores to the remote client.
  • The data that is restored to the remote client computer will continue to backup to the CommCell that the remote client belonged to.

    For example: If CommCell1 has Client1 and CommCell2 has Client2, you can register Client 2 as a remote client in CommCell1 and perform restores to it. Data restored on Client2 will continue to be backed up in CommCell2.

Exception: The CommServe client is not supported for Cross CommCell Restore.

Supported Agents

  • Windows File Systems
  • Unix File Systems
  • Oracle

High-Level Process Flow

To set up cross CommCell restore, use the following process:

  1. Register a Remote CommCell

    Important: Users must have the Administrative Management permission at the CommCell level on both CommCells.

  2. Add the remote client
  3. Verify remote client connectivity.
  4. Perform out-of-place restores from the current CommCell.

    To restore SAP HANA backups, review the following links:


    • Ensure to select the remote client as the destination client.
    • Ensure to use the MediaAgent in the current CommCell for restore operations to the remote client
    • The remote client and the MediaAgent used for restore operations must be at version 11.

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