AWS Outposts Support

You can use Commvault to protect EC2 instances running in AWS Outposts.

Outposts is an on-premises deployment of AWS services, infrastructure, and operations that provides hybrid cloud capabilities.

To protect EC2 instances that run on AWS Outposts, add the instances as content for a VM group (VSA subclient) for an Amazon hypervisor (virtualization client).


The CommServe software and MediaAgents can be deployed on any of the following types of machines:

  • On-premises servers
  • EC2 instances running on a region in the AWS public cloud
  • EC2 instances running on AWS Outposts

Deploy VSA access nodes (proxies) on EC2 instances running on a region in the AWS public cloud.

Supported Features

You can use Commvault to perform the following operations for EC2 instances that run in Outposts:

  • Streaming backups of EC2 instances
  • IntelliSnap backups of EC2 instances
  • Backups of EC2 instances using an in-guest agent
  • Restores of full instances from all supported backup types
  • Restore a volume and attach the volume to a new EC2 instance
  • Replicating snapshots

Last modified: 1/2/2020 9:34:46 PM