Deploying a Linux MediaAgent from the AWS Marketplace

From the AWS Marketplace, you can deploy an AWS instance that includes Commvault software. The AWS instance is pre-configured to run the CommServe software, which you can use to back up and restore workloads that run in the AWS cloud or in on-premises deployments.

The AWS instance is provided as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that you can launch as an Amazon EC2 instance using your existing AWS account.

Before You Begin


  1. From the AWS EC2 Console, go to Instances and click Launch Instance.

    AWS opens a wizard to guide you through the deployment.

  2. To choose an AMI, search for "Commvault".
  3. Select the Commvault CommServe Windows AMI.
  4. Select an instance type that provides the available CPU cores and memory for the instance.
  5. Identify a network and subnet that are available for the deployment.
  6. If necessary, add additional storage.

    By default, the AMI provides 100 GB of storage.

  7. When you launch the instance, you must provide a key pair that can be used.

    You can use an existing key pair or create a new key pair as part of the deployment.

  8. Log on to the new AWS instance.
  9. On the desktop, click the icon with the label Configure Commvault commserve.

    The configuration utility stops services, makes configuration changes for the CommServe software, and restarts Commvault services.

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