Installing Cloud Apps on a Client Computer - Windows

You can install Cloud Apps using either the CommCell Console or the installation package that is created by the Download Manager.

Before You Begin


  1. Choose one of the following installation methods:
  2. Install the Cloud Apps package, which is under the Applications category.

Note: If the File System Agent is not installed on the computer, the File System Core and File System packages are automatically installed with the package that you selected. The File System Agent does not consume a license. To gather the required information for the File System Agent, see "Gather Installation" in Preinstallation Checklist for the Windows File System Agent.

What to Do Next

  • Review the tasks that you must perform after the installation in Postinstallation Tasks for Clients.
  • To perform the required agent configurations, refer to the Getting Started page of each agent that you installed.

Last modified: 8/29/2019 8:03:22 PM