Changing and Hiding the SQL Server Instance Name

The default SQL Instance name used by Commvault software is COMMVAULT. Everyone familiar with Commvault software probably knows this so hiding the SQL Instance with the COMMVAULT name does little. That means you need to change the name before hiding the Instance. However, per Microsoft, modifying an existing named instance is not recommended without uninstall/reinstall. So two questions come to mind:

  • Can you install the CommServe using a different SQL Instance Name? The answer is yes. It requires you to add a registry key and value prior to installing the CommServe.
  • Will reinstalling the CommServe with a different SQL Instance Name have any impact on past or future Commvault software operations? The answer is No. Commvault software server components that are installed on the CommServe host work through an ODBC connection. Remote server components or clients works through installed services on their respective hosts and do not communicate directly with the CommCell databases. As such, the SQL instance name is not relevant to any Commvault software operation.

Last modified: 4/12/2019 2:39:03 PM