Configuring File System Multi-Streaming

File System Multi-Streaming uses multiple data streams per subclient for backup jobs. Multi-Streaming enables the subclient's contents to be distributed to all streams, transmitting them in parallel to the storage media. Hence a subclient whose data is secure using three data streams uses more of the available network resources, and can complete in as little as one third the time that the same data would require using a single stream.

File System Multi-Streaming allows you to take advantage of the fast read access from the array and improve the rate at which the data can be written to the storage media.


  • Do not enable multi-streaming if you have multiple mount points pointing to the same physical drive.
  • For Windows Agents, the read throughputs for multiple data readers on the same physical disk might degrade the write performance.
  • For UNIX Agents, the read throughputs for multiple data readers on different mount points on the same disk may vary depending on the hardware.


  1. From the CommCell Browser, expand Client Computers > client > backupset.
  2. Right-click the appropriate subclient, click Properties > Advanced.
  3. In the Advanced Subclient Properties dialog box, on the Performance tab, select the Allow multiple data readers within a drive or mount point check box.

    When multi-streaming is set, multiple simultaneous data readers are allowed on each drive (or mount path, for Unix) during the backup operation.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:56:18 PM