Converting a MediaAgent into a Storage Accelerator

If you have a MediaAgent installed in a client computer for the sole purpose of backing up the specific client in which it is installed (and no other client is configured to use this MediaAgent for backups) then you can convert this MediaAgent into a Storage Accelerator so that the client can be configured to directly send the data to the configured cloud storage library. This will speed-up the backup, and may be useful for roaming clients, like laptop backups.


  1. Uninstall the MediaAgent package from the computer where you want to convert the MediaAgent into a Storage Accelerator. For more information on uninstalling the MediaAgent package, see Uninstall Commvault from Client and MediaAgent Computers.
  2. Release the MediaAgent license. For more information, see Releasing a MediaAgent License (Deconfiguration).
  3. Deconfigure the libraries or drives to disable the software communication between the MediaAgent and the device. For more information, see Deconfiguring Libraries and Drives.
  4. Delete the MediaAgent using the following steps.
    1. From the CommCell Browser, navigate to Storage Resources > MediaAgents.
    2. Right-click the MediaAgent, and then click Delete MediaAgent.
    3. A popup message confirms the Release of License.
    4.  Click Yes.
  5. Enable the storage accelerator feature on the client computer.

    For more information, see Accelerating Backups to Cloud Storage Libraries.

Last modified: 10/3/2019 5:43:43 AM