Associating a NAS Client to an Array

You can use this command to associate a NAS client to a NetApp storage array.

Before You Begin

Verify the following:

  • No jobs are running. If jobs are running, suspend them.
  • The OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) server displays the new volume names correctly.
  • For NFS configurations, the junction path used by the application is valid.


  1. Run a DR backup of the CommServe database.
  2. On the command line of the CommServe computer, go to software_installation_directory/Base and type the following commands:

    SnapManagementTool assocNasClientToArray -vm instance_name -nasclient client_name -array array_name


  • instance_name is the name of the Commvault instance (for example, instance00).
  • client_name is the name of the NAS client.
  • array_name is the name of the NetApp storage array, as entered in the Array Management dialog box.

Last modified: 12/11/2019 7:08:30 PM