Index Store Requirements for Download Center

Before you deploy the Index Store package for Download Center, ensure the Web Server associated with the Web Console meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Web Console and Web Server must be installed. See Installing the Command Center and Installing the Web Server.
  • If the Index Store package is not present on the Web Server client, then you must install the Index Store package on the Web Server before you can deploy Download Center. For more information, see Installing the Index Store Package.
  • When deploying Download Center from the Web Console, the Index Store on the Web Server is automatically configured by the system. The Index Store is needed to support searching packages in the repository from the Web Console.
  • The Web Server associated with the Web Console must meet the following minimum requirements:

    System component

    Minimum requirements

    Operating system

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x64 Editions and higher


    All Windows-compatible processors are supported.


    16 GB RAM

    Available local hard disk space

    • 20 GB for the installation directory
    • 1 TB of 10K SCSI disk for the Index Directory


    If you have a firewall setup, verify that the port used by the Index Server is open for network connections.

Last modified: 10/9/2018 2:47:59 PM