CommServe LiveSync - Nodes

Use this tab to perform the following operations:

  • Enable the CommServe LiveSync feature. (The LiveSync feature facilitates CommServe Recovery Using High Availability CommServe Host.)
  • View the nodes in the CommServe LiveSync setup
  • Setup the Storage Policy that must be used to synchronize the backup /restore (live sync) operations between the hosts.

Enable CommServe Live Sync

Select this option to enable the CommServe LiveSync feature. When enabled, schedules for the LiveSync operation is enabled and the databases are converted to the full recovery model. Conversely, when this option is disabled, the schedules for the LiveSync operation is disabled and the databases are converted to the simple recovery model.

The following node related information is displayed:

  • Nodes

    Displays the names of the nodes or CommServe hosts that are available in the CommServe LiveSync setup.

  • Status

    Displays whether the node is currently Active or Passive.

Live Sync Storage Policy

Displays the name of the storage policy associated with the SQL Live Sync operation. If necessary, use the drop-down list to select or change the storage policy.

Create Storage Policy

Click to open the Create Storage Policy Wizard to create a storage policy.

Last modified: 3/15/2019 6:45:41 PM