Creating Cloud Controller and Controller Node

Create a Cloud Controller, and then add a Controller Node.


  1. To create the Controller Node, deploy the Virtual Server Agent (VSA) package on an on-premises computer or on a cloud virtual machine. You can also deploy the VSA package on the CommServe to use it as a Controller Node.

    For instructions about deploying the VSA package, see Deployment - Virtual Server Agent for Amazon, Deployment of the Virtual Server Agent for Microsoft Azure or Deployment Planning for VMware.

  2. To create the Cloud Controller, create an Azure virtual client or an Amazon virtual client. For the client’s VSA proxy, use the Controller Node that you created in step 1.

    For instructions about creating a Cloud Controller, see Adding a Microsoft Azure Hypervisor, Adding an Amazon Hypervisor or Adding a VMware Hypervisor.

Last modified: 10/23/2018 6:59:42 AM